Monday, February 9, 2009

What Should London be Doing to Improve Urban Design?

According to Joe Berridge...

a_ Be active, not passive!
  • identify major city building improvement projects each decade
  • commit resources from the public sector

b_ Urban design is about conversation not regulation

  • don't set regulations in stone
  • allow artistic freedom
  • take an example from Vancouver, Toronto, London UK, and New York, who cut urban design some slack

c_ Praise and blame

  • be critical and award good design
  • works towards improvement - most of us seek praise and avoid blame

d_ Take risks!

  • City Hall, are you listening?
  • Consider the Velo libre idea (see Quick Link), or at least try and be a little less conservative...
  • Offer free parking? Run buses on bio-fuel? Start retrofitting government buildings?

Stay tuned for Joe Berridge's 7-Point Urban Design Program!